Well, that was exciting.

So, it is friday again, and we’re keeping this here blog limping along through gratuitous lite blogging, again, as we welcome the iPod iChing to the Five’n’Dime…

So, no offence NASA, the much jinxed Next Generation Space Telescope has kinda been stuck out there on its own in the NASA Science Directorate, almost like an invitation…

So, Oh Mighty iPod One: what will become of the James Webb Space Telescope in these uncertain times?

Whoosh goes the iPod.

  • The Covering: Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys
  • The Crossing: The First Day of Spring – Noah and the Whale
  • The Crown: Anchorage – Michelle Shocked
  • The Root: Sevillana Op. 29 – Julian Bream
  • The Past: Spring II. Concerto 1 – Vivaldi
  • The Future: Heroes – Bowie
  • The Questioner: Horchata – Vampire Weekend
  • The House: Podcast 6 (Talking With the Taxman About Poetry) – Billy Bragg
  • The Inside: Það Sést Ekki Sætari Mey – Björk
  • The Outcome: Ottoruni Resphighi/The Pines of Rome II – Mannheim Steamroller

Hm, bit of a hickup between The Root and The Past, iPod wanted to just keep playing Julian Bream.

The Crossing: “For I do believe that everyone has one chance
To fuck up their lives
But like a cut down tree, I will rise again
And I’ll be bigger and stronger than ever before

For I’m still here hoping that one day you may come back
For I’m still here hoping that one day you may come back”

The Questioner: Huh?

The House: Awesome!

The Inside:

From Gling-Gló – a tale of love and betrayal

The Outcome: fuckin’ long innit?
Someone remind me why I have Mannheim Steamroller on the bloomin’ iPod?
Had to be Part II, eh?

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

The Covering:

The Future: