iPod iChing: whence hence?

It is friday, and we prepare to close down for the weekend.
So we splish over to the iPod and we ask…

Oh, mighty iPod: what writing will we see on the wall when the slate is clean?

Whoosh goes the randomizer.

  • The Covering: The Message – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
  • The Crossing: Skyttan (live) – MX-21
  • The Crown: Just the two of us – Bill Withers
  • The Root: One of These Days – Pink Floyd
  • The Past: Towers of London – XTC
  • The Future: The Boy Done Good – Billy Bragg
  • The Questioner: Woodstock – Joni Mitchell
  • The House: She’s So High – Tal Bachman
  • The Inside: The Boy in the Bubble – Paul Simon
  • The Outcome: The Donut Song – Burl Ives

The Crossing is “The Hunter”.

The Crown: “building castles in the sky/we can make it if we try”

The Root:

The Future: always the last one chosen, but the ending is oh so happy!

The House:
But somehow I can’t believe
That anything should happen
I know where I belong
And nothing’s gonna happen
Yeah, yeah

Ok, what songs are you, and what have you done with my iPod?!
I didn’t think I had 10 upbeat songs on my iPod.
Yes, “The Message” is upbeat… it is all relative.

The Outcome:

I feel all annoyingly cheerful and upbeat now.
I think I’ll go have some ice cream.
In the rain.

‘course #11 is “Comfortably Numb” and #12 is “No Pride”… that’s more like it,
for those of you more comfortable with the zodiac reading.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

The Past: “when they had built you
did you watch over the men who fell

The Questioner: