and it looks like it might be about over:
plume is about a tenth of its original size;
earthquake activity has tapered off to low levels;
no flash flood – between normal flood last year, and ice vapourized it doesn’t look like there is any lake left to flash out the drainage channels under the ice;
no sign of lava flow

the initial eruption was an order of magnitude larger than Eyjafjallajökull was, with correspondingly larger ash volume;
the ash was coarser and didn’t travel as much as last year, which means more of it dumped on local regions, natch;
still about 500 flight cancellations and maybe see travel interruption for another day or two as ash rains out;

sheep killed and blinded, some pasture lost, though rains and warm weather may more than compensate for current damage

several geologists commented that eruption was reminiscent of Katla – which historically erupts 1-2 years after Eyjafjallajökull…
so, has the activity shifted to the north side, or does Katla still have an eruption in her?

anyway, looks to be done for now, not that a volcano can’t change its mind.