bloomin’ proposal week…

Ok, them’s the vagaries, but it is friday and it is the end of another and much fraught bloomin’ proposal week,
so we ask the Mighty iPod: how about them proposals?

Woosh goes the randomizer.

  • The Covering: Friday Mourning – Morrissey
  • The Crossing: Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd
  • The Crown: Spanish Bombs
  • The Root: Estampe – Jardins sus la pluie – Claudio Arrau
  • The Past: Scenes from Childhood: Foreign Lands and Peoples
  • The Future: Í Hlíðarendakoti – Fyrr var oft í koti kátt
  • The Questioner: Mouse II – Spilverk Þjóðanna
  • The House: Sealclubbing – Half Man Half Biscuit
  • The Inside: When I Grow Up – Michelle Shocked
  • The Outcome: I’m Goin’ Down – Bruce Springsteen

The Covering: oh, cruel is the iPod…
I see the faces all lined up before me
Of teachers and of parents and bosses
Who all share a point of view
You are a loser
You are a loser

The Crown: the tale of a brave but losing fight…

The Root: hm, gardens in the rain lead to spring flowers, right?

The Past: yes…

The Future: a little ditty about the Good Old Days and how playful and carefree we were!

The Inside: “When I grow up, I want to be old!”

The Outcome: Aaarrrrgggghhhhh! No!

I’m sick and tired of you setting me up
Setting me up just to knock-a knock-a knock-a me down

Harsh Boss…

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

The Crossing:

The House: Sealclubbing – ouch!