Oslo explosion

Large explosion in the center of Oslo, Norway.
Near government buildings and VG newspaper, at central square.
Multiple injuries. Early reports suggest it was a car bomb.

P3S: NRK now reporting at least 80 kids killed on the island.

Guy must have been a true psychopath to be able to shoot that many people in cold blood.

youtube footage of immediate aftermath

NRK video immediately after explosion

NRK report, in norwegian, with pictures

PS: reports now of at least 7 dead in the explosion many wounded, some seriously,
100+ “walking wounded”

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Concurrent shooting attack at a Labour Party youth camp on Utøya (small island), by a man dressed in a police uniform, estimated 20-30 dead, mostly teenagers.
Running gun battle on the island, kids jumping into the water, killed/wounded estimates likely to change (700 kids at the camp).
Icelandic radio reports speculation that neo-nazis may be to blame.
Shooter described as tall and blonde, has apparently been captured.

NRK video of police response squad storming the island

from NRK

Claims there may have been multiple shooters on the island, and that many more bodies are scattered and unrecovered.

PPS: we’ll know this weekend how bad it was – initial reports always underestimate the casualties, but then the later reports tend to overestimate them because of double counting.
Suspect is confirmed to be local and a right wing political activits.
Anders Brelvik

I wonder if the bomb, apparently a truck bomb, is related to this dynamite theft?
As per my old blog


  1. #1 crd2
    July 26, 2011

    1st off, this guy has (allegidly) murdered +/- 80 men, women and children, and the max penalty he is facing is 21 years in jail? I find that extremely disconcerting if accurate.

    Still unclear however, allegidly he didnt use TNT.

    The furiously updated Wiki article for Anders Brelvik you linked to currently reads:

    “In late June or early July 2011[…]he operated a farming sole proprietorship under the name “Breivik Geofarm”. Immediately after the attack there was speculation that he could have used the company as a cover to legally obtain large amounts of artificial fertiliser and other chemicals for the manufacturing of fertiliser explosives. A farming supplier sold Breivik’s company six tonnes of fertiliser in May. In his manifesto, Breivik stated he used the company as a façade to acquire the chemicals without raising suspicion.”

  2. #2 Steinn Sigurdsson
    July 26, 2011

    Several of the Scandinavian nations (possibly all) have maximum “life in prison” of 21 or 16 years, for criminal sentences.
    They also typically have psychiatric review at the end of sentencing for people who might pose a threat to the community and who may be detained indefinitely.

    Yeah, sounds like Breivik did a “McVeigh” style fertilizer and fuel oil truck bomb, but, fortunately he did not know how to place the bomb correctly, and Norwegian class A office buildings tend to the “shit loads of steel and concrete” mode of construction.
    Could have been a lot worse.

    Still can not comprehend the level of psychopathy that enabled him to shoot that many people point blank, reloading. Especially given the targets, and his lack of training.

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