LHC bounds Higgs

Summary of results on Higgs particle on LHC workshop at KITP

I wasn’t here for it, but last week John Conway presented the
LHC Higgs Searches (slides, audio, video)
summary talk at the LHC11 workshop.

I had, of course, kept half an eye on the flurry of conference announcement on the preliminary LHC constraints on various wished for particles and sparticles, but it is particularly satisfying to see a good summary presentation.

Low mass joint Higgs constraints – more data needed (from Conway’s talk, link above)

So, there is space in the parameter space, there are a few little gaps in the 200-300 GeV/c2 mass range, but everyone seems to like the 123 GeV hole – where you can just sneak in a single nice little low mass Higgs.

Nobody likes the unconstrained higher mass range – one of those “vanish in a puff of logic” options that will be explained in the comments.

Or scalar fields are just an abomination that always get renormalized away into the vacuum…