Carbon Planets and Climate Change

Earlier, Matthew Bailes and collaborators discovered a planet mass, carbon rich crystalline object orbiting a pulsar.
It was a very nice discovery, published in Science, and received a lot of attention, mostly all positive.

Matthew has now written a very interesting OpEd at The Conversation:

Diamond planets, climate change and the scientific method

It is a very perceptive piece and make some very important points.

Please read it and join The Conversation.

“The scientific method is universal. If we selectively ignore it in certain disciplines, we do so at our peril.”


  1. #1 S. Williams
    September 13, 2011

    Unfortunately, climate science is not the only field where the scientific method is selectively ignored. My wife, and a great many otherwise seemingly intelligent people, are cult-like believers in alternative medical systems such as homeopathy, in spite of clear scientific evidence against them. And there are also the creationists with their well known issues.

  2. #2 Craig
    September 13, 2011

    Heh. And economics. I will posit that the entire Republican party seems ignorant of some basic, well-proven economic principles.

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