iPod iChing: space conference

It is a beautiful sunny day in the neighbourhood,
so we skip joyfully to the iPod and ask:

Oh, Mighty iPod One, what will the grim fates bring us as the appropriations for Science (and Commerce and Justice) go to the mysteries of the Conference Committee?

Whoosh goes the iPod.

  • The Covering: Móðir – Ego
  • The Crossing: Scherzo a la Russe (Firebird) – Stravinsky
  • The Crown: Let it Snow – Dean Martin
  • The Root: Buckeye Jim – Burl Ives
  • The Past: Estampe – Pagodes – Claudio Arrau
  • The Future: Pull the Wires From the Walls – the Delgados
  • The Questioner: Don’t Try This at Home – Billy Bragg Podcast #11
  • The House: Dammit Janet – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • The Inside: Dies Bildnis is bezaubern schon – Mozart
  • The Outcome: The Holly and the Ivy – King’s College Choir

The Outcome:

Well, that certainly plumbed the bottom of my iPod… no idea what it means!

Covering: “Mother – where is your baby?”

Crown: “simply no place to go…”

The Root:
“Way up yonder above the moon
A jaybird lived in a silver spoon.

Way down yonder in a wooden trough
An old woman died of the whooping cough.

Way up yonder above the sky
A jaybird spit in a bluebird’s eye.
Buckeye Jim you can’t go
Go weave and spin, you can’t go
Buck-eyed Jim ”

The Past: Images of East Asia…

The Future: “Pull the Wires From the Walls”

The Questioner: Awesome!!!

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

The House: