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I live just around the corner from Joe Paterno.
This morning there was a little horde of reporters and cameras across the street, hoping to get that little 15 second glimpse of the man, for the early evening news shot.

Last night, several hundred students gathered outside to voice support for the Paternos, who were clearly moved and grateful for the demonstration, which also provided some scenic shots for the news.

I can’t comment on the case.

I also have no first hand knowledge, just what I read in the news.

The last few days have been an interesting ongoing lesson, not just in the evil that men do; but also sociodynamics; judicial processes; the flaws that can be inadvertently introduced when structured processes are pushed into place; and, valuable civics lessons.
Not to mention crude power politics when crisis present opportunities,

Our kids rather enjoyed the student demo, which was very polite, and well handled by the police.
We were less amused when we saw a photo in the paper and realised there was a picture of a friend’s “nice neighbour ” who came over to help run herd when our kids were at a childrens’ social event at a friends house couple of years ago…
– this is a small town.
Fortunately, it wasn’t a dropoff party…

So, news reporters:
they are very important, very busy, always rushed, doing a constitutionally protected public service, and mostly from out of town driving their big trucks.

Last night CBS almost ran over my kids when they missed a stop sign; and this morning a neighbour called the police when a Channel 3 (not local) truck blew fast through another stop sign as the school bus was coming.
We have quite nice local police. Very chatty.

Anyway, so all these news crews have been hanging out, in the cold, for a couple of days now – literally hiding behind the bushes in some cases hoping to catch someone coming in or or out of Paternos’ house.

The toilets in the park were locked a few weeks ago.
So, the (male) reporters have been taken short on occasion, and some (ABC – I am looking at you!) seem to have taken to peeing behind the trees around the corner from JoePa’s house.

Unfortunately, that has been putting them in direct line of sight with the playground, as they whip it out and whizz…

With the lovely warm autumn weather, the playground has been busy.
Which is why the police were originally called the other day, I gather.
And there endeth the lesson.


  1. #1 Steinn Sigurdsson
    November 10, 2011

    Borough brought in some portapotties.

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