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Neutrinos to Give High-Frequency Traders the Millisecond Edge
Bruce Dorminey writes about the real edge the big boys have…
30 millisec trading advantage on the NY/Tokyo spread is nothing to sneeze about, just get some pulsed collimated neutrino burst generators, swap your low bit unbreakable one time pads and go wild on the arbitrage as you trade your Ningi for Cold Pressed Latinum Bars!

but we knew this…
“…The most interesting applications of this would of course be for signaling; however there private enterprise is way ahead of us, and clearly some very clever hedge fund with deep pockets has already co-located neutrino detectors at the exchanges to front run everyone else.
Its just engineering really. …”

The hard bit will actually be the latency in signal processing and transmission from Brookhaven to Manhattan and back…

in older news:

Tall people ‘at slightly greater risk of cancer’
“…the relative risk of getting cancer increases by 16% for every 10cm increase in height…
Another possible factor is the simple fact that taller people have more cells (including stem cells) and thus a greater opportunity for cell mutations to lead to cancer.”

compare and contrast: cancer incidence: wild physics speculation

“The number of cells ought to scale roughly as the cube of the height of a person, so as people get bigger on average, and get bigger earlier (kids are bigger at some fixed age, better diets etc, I believe) the chance of getting cancer, all other things being equal, ought to be higher.”

δ 10 cm out of height ~ 200 cm (hey, I’m an astronomer, we don’t do 2 sig figs) is clearly about 5%, so incidence delta of 15% is predicted