It was at the gathering,
and all the astronomers were there,
drinking coffee among the posters,
hearing the NSF in despair…

I am at my almost regular pilgrimage to the Annual Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, where I hope to do some semi-liveblogging of developments and science news in my copious spare time.
I have more tasks than usual at this meeting, as not only am I, and my student, giving talks, I am also doing recruiting for prospective graduate students, postdoctoral hires and faculty, and attending the informal gathering of the ApJ editors.

I would also go to The Party,
but, as everyone knows,
there is no Party.

Your First AAS Meeting? – AstroWright has sage advice.

AstroWright’s posters and talks, in absentia – some recent funky exoplanet stuff.

There are some other good talks and posters around.
I will try to blog a sparse pseudo-random sub-sample.