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Comparative Exoplanetology

Why do we need to spend any more effort on extra-solar planets? We found some, they’re there. Lumps of rocks, gasballs. We’re done, right? This, loosely paraphrased, was a serious question I got last week. The context was a question of why I was spending serious effort on exoplanet research, rather than focusing exclusively on…

paying for research

there is a curious result in behavioural economics, which shows that paying people to do what they like to do, sometimes provides a disincentive for them to do it, and people correspondingly lower their effort to do the task. The example I recently came across, from the 7 Rules of Behavioural Economics, or some such,…

waste, waste not

we just switched to a “no can” policy


Something missing…

So you want to be an astrophysicist? You’ve suffered through 3-4 years of undergrad, and you’re ready for more. You picked the places to apply to (or have you…?), and you’re ready for the paperwork. Another lightly retouched blast from the past…

So, now you’re at university, and you’re thinking about heading for grad school … More re-runs from Ye Olde Blogge

You are at university. Do you like stars, and stuff? Another rehashed blast from the past

What should a high school student do to get on a track to become an astrophysicist? Reworked from an oldie.

Books, of course, but which books…?