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Jólasveinar og Jólakettir

The origins and history of the Yule Lads with bonus Christmas Cat… Even I did not know that peak Yule Lads was 82! Criminy!

Vikings, Santa & Jól

Grímfrost in Sweden give their take on the Meaning of the Season – the Goat of Þór is serious business though…

Today is the 12th of december, and there are 13 days until christmas. This means, of course, that the first of the yule elves came to town this morning. As you know, Bob, there are thirteen of the Yule Lads, or jólasveinar, as we call them. And they are not really elves, since their mother…

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Iceland is playing England in the Euro 2016 Cup today, round of 16. This is the first time Iceland has been in a major football tournament, the first time, obviously, they have progressed to the second stage, and as I write this they are unbeaten in tournament play. Iceland has…

say it like it is

good thing about Icelandic, it is phonetic, almost all the words are pronounced the way they are spelled, including Bárðarbunga the extra few letters are just what they look like. Fortunately Biggi Lögga is there to set you straight.

X-Volcanoes – Bárðarbunga

Bárðarbunga is arguably the scariest of the 30 or so active volcanoes in Iceland. Extreme volcanoes don’t always have extreme eruptions, but they are scary because they have the capability for extreme events, uniquely so. It is not the most active, it is not the tallest, it may possibly be the biggest in some sense,…

Why you might sometimes care about the sex lives of strangers. A snarky comment over on an evanescent social media site lead me to shoot back from the hip, but on reflection, unusually enough, I decided I liked the retort enough to preserve it in more permanent intertoobz form. The discussion was on oligarchy and…

Yule lads: it begins

Tonight it begins: Stekkjastaur is headed for town. Be good. Believe!


This is awesome! I am reliably informed that this was one of the all time great concerts. Skálmöld and the Icelandic Symphony in concert at Harpa.


Inspired by Tim Hamilton’s facebook post I played a bit with my old bit of silfurberg this weekend In particular, I was curious to test whether there was some plausibility to birefringent calcite being the “