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When I was about 9 years old, my grandmother gave me a piece of Iceland Spar, it had belonged to my grandfather and she felt I ought to have it. This is the piece, my kids have it now, somewhere along the way it broke into three pieces while in storage. She showed me the…

113 Waahmobile

113 Vælubíllinn The all time classic modern Icelandic punk anthem, for kids. Instant punk dance lesson just to complete the experience. Try it. It works.


Hopefully I´ll be getting the live view right about now…


From Map of earthquakes over the last 48 hours in Iceland.

random dump

stuff I need to contemplate and therefore you probably should do: “So Forget Jesus, Stars Died So You Could Live” – Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana gets death threats for quoting Lawrence Krauss on twitter… Philocosmology – Our Blog – Templeton foundation sponsors a Cosmology/Philosophy blog at Rutgers. Looks like a good crew – now…


And, so, as this feast of Saint Thorlacius comes to an end, we await the arrival of the last of the yule lads the sneaky candle swiper hisself Kertasníkir The lads are bathed, a major achievement in and of itself, and ready for the grand finale tomorrow night they leave town, but first their mother…


The penultimate half-troll trundles into town today, ready to pounce on the shoppers rushing home with their treasures Ketrókur he carries a big stick and he is not afraid to use it, upon it is a hook with which he’ll snag the who-beast shanks straight from the pot and scarf it up while it is…


getting ready for the grand finale, the eleventh of the elven comes sidling into town Gáttaþefur He is well endowed this lad, and his long and sensitive proboscis will sniff out the christmas baking and he will swipe it if he can he is hoping for some Laufabrauð nom nom nom


bit naughty this half-troll is Gluggagægir likes to peep through your window late at night and see wassup he’s a sweety, really he is, just checking on whether you’ve been naughty as we get closer to the big day


and the jólasveinar march on with their stout staffs in their hand… this morning Bjúgnakrækir he climbs the rafters looking for sausages being hung or smoked, he particularly like the thick fatty bjúgu – lamb or horse he’ll eat them all nom nom nom