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Oh dreadful son-of-a-troll! Last night the most feared of all the jólasveinar came, and a true son of a troll is he… Skyrgámur! Curse you! He steals your skyr, the last of the precious few hauled hundreds of miles across the mountains, in the snow, up hill, both ways… and then he taunts you!


If you wake tonight to the door slamming, it is probably just the wind, or is it… Hurðaskellir – he’s a bother. This explains it all…


And the jólasveinar keep stumbling in, the pace ramping up as christmas approaches (actually it is steady at one per day, it just feels ever more frantic) Askasleikir – he licks your Ask clean, natch. No, this sort of Askur, silly – the sort you keep your skyr in!


Pottasleikir – cheap, but he licks the pots clean, saves on the washing up


Slow down boys… jólasveinar @home


Stúfur is the littlest jólasveinn, and, I am told, much beloved of the girls. He is not so much a (half)troll as your very own Home Gnome. Very stubborn, loyal, somewhat fierce and generous to a fault. He rowed to our distant shores last night, bringing wee little treats, received with much joy this morning.…


and the jólasveinar march on and on across the floor… Giljagaur came this morning. He likes to hide in the folds in the landscape, crawling towards your barn, where he will sneak up to the cows in the morning and skim the significance off your double blinded data set, leaving but a suggestion of a…


Yes, ’tis the season, and jólasveinarnir are headed for town: Stekkjastaur – Lock up your sheep! Icelandic media cautioned children last week that the jólasveinar were having a hard time this year, and to expect more socks and and underwear, and less overpriced plastic imported crap in their shoes this year… austerity, it is also…


Series of substantial earthquakes in the Katla caldera, could be nothing could be sign of an impending eruption

On saturday Alþingi, the Icelandic Parliament, reconvenes. Protests are planned on the square outside, and there are suggestions that a new wave of protests may build up, similar to the “Household Revolution” back in the winter of 2008. But there will be some missing from the demos.