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Yes, ’tis the season, and jólasveinarnir are headed for town: Stekkjastaur – Lock up your sheep! Icelandic media cautioned children last week that the jólasveinar were having a hard time this year, and to expect more socks and and underwear, and less overpriced plastic imported crap in their shoes this year… austerity, it is also…


Series of substantial earthquakes in the Katla caldera, could be nothing could be sign of an impending eruption

On saturday Alþingi, the Icelandic Parliament, reconvenes. Protests are planned on the square outside, and there are suggestions that a new wave of protests may build up, similar to the “Household Revolution” back in the winter of 2008. But there will be some missing from the demos.


for posterity

A small eruption in Loki?!?

Mystery flashflood reveals new hydrothermal system and probable small subglacial eruption this week, or two, or three…

Cratering of ice sheet and possible small eruption under ice.

A jökulhlaup has started in Múlakvísl, the glacial river that comes off Mýrdalsjökull, that is the glacier that Katla is under.

News reports in Iceland of magma movements in Hekla.

Rumbles under the Ice

Ruh-roh. Katla is rumbling a bit.

Grímsvötn: awesome pics has some very impressive up close photos of the eruption