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A small eruption in Loki?!?

Mystery flashflood reveals new hydrothermal system and probable small subglacial eruption this week, or two, or three…

Cratering of ice sheet and possible small eruption under ice.

A jökulhlaup has started in Múlakvísl, the glacial river that comes off Mýrdalsjökull, that is the glacier that Katla is under.

News reports in Iceland of magma movements in Hekla.

Rumbles under the Ice

Ruh-roh. Katla is rumbling a bit.

Grímsvötn: awesome pics has some very impressive up close photos of the eruption

here we go again… this is the map of earthquakes in the last 24 hours in Iceland, kinda lit up there – nice illustration of the mid-atlantic ridge coming up from the south and south-west and bisecting the island

volcanic rumbles

Icelandic media are reporting audible rumbles from Eyjafjallajökull sunday evening. Earthquake activity is not up, though over the last few weeks there have been some small tremors under the glacier. No sign of an actual eruption, and no sign of activity under her big sister, Katla. Yet. There is a spike in earthquake activity at…

It sounds like a whisper