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iPod iChing throwback

We haven’t done an iPod iChing prognostication in a very long time, and needs must! So, Oh Mighty iPod One! What say you? Whoosh goes the randomizer. Woosh. The Covering: The Secret Marriage – Sting The Crossing: I Will Not Be Denied – Bonnie Raitt The Crown: Away in a Manger – Kenny G The…

Although many moons have passed, we once again approach The Mighty iPod One, and we once again ask the impossible: Oh, Mighty iPod, is there indeed invasive terrestrial scum on Europa, transmitted through the mystery of lithopanspermia? Woosh goes the Mighty iPod. Woosh. The Covering: Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy – Bowie and Crosby The…

iPod iChing: Wow

It is another hot and sultry friday, and that means it is time for the iPod iChing! Oh, Mighty iPod One, what may come in the near term of our endless quest to seek Extraterrestrial Intelligence? Woosh goes the randomizer. Woosh. The Covering: Peter and Wolf: The Story Begins – Prokoviev The Crossing: Take It…

iPod iChing: words press

It is friday! On fridays, we have an occasional tradition to invoke the ever omniscient iPod One, Mighty is the iPod One, and do our own divination, a musical haruspicy if you like, where the diverse and assorted cards of our harmonies are cast upon the net to reveal our destinies, or permit us to…

iPod iChing: space conference

It is a beautiful sunny day in the neighbourhood, so we skip joyfully to the iPod and ask:

iPod iChing: 2012

Fateful day, as the fed fiscal year closes and a new year begins…

iPod iChing: Come On Irene

A calm cool friday, as await the storm

iPod iChing: Little Green Men

stormy friday as portends gather and it is move-in day! Yes, They Are Back.