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LHC bounds Higgs

Summary of results on Higgs particle on LHC workshop at KITP

Sweet SUSY at LHC

hangin’ out at KITP sneaking into the LHC workshop talks, sort of liveblog of the constraints on supersymmetry from preliminary LHC results.

I am visiting the lovely Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, again. Last thursday we had an unusual occurrence, the ocean farted.

Final day of the Exoplanet Rising workshop. Start off with migration theory, then scattering and collisions. Finish with tidal destruction and future observational prospects. Lubow and Malhotra. Then Thommes and Armitage. Followed by Ogilvie and Traub. Then we are done.

KITP: making planets stick

Exoplanets Rising continues theoretical rumination, as we contemplate formation, migration, water delivery and evolution Johansen and Lissauer on oligarchic models before lunch. Then Mayer on collapse of Too Big Too Fail blobs before Chambers and Raymond return to rocks bashing into each other. Finish with Mardling looking at the subtleties of tidal evolution.

Surprise discovery announcement at the Exoplanet UpRising workshop! In a dramatic change in schedule, Fieffe Menteur, a junior researcher at the French Academy for Keplerian Exoplanets broke embargo and revealed the first discovery of a habitable exoplanet!

KITP: habitable worlds

Finding and characterizing habitable exoplanets. Enric Palle on Earth as an exoplanet. Drake Deming on using JWST to find exoplanets Then Lisa Kaltenegger on biosignatures Jim Kasting on habitability and 3D GCMs.

Workshop turns more to theory: planetary structure, crusts and atmospheres; cooling and heating. Well, it is an Institute of Theoretical Physics… Adamses Burrows and Burgasser start the morning. We’re promised things will be stirred up a bit more. Diana Valencia on super-earth structure and composition, then Chris Sotin on water worlds.

Next we review microlensing surveys for planets and then direct imaging surveys. Scott Gaudi up first on microlensing. Interesting statistics on preponderance of solar like planetary systems. Hints of free floating planets seen. Paul Kalas on direct detections. Also Graham and Kadsin. Plus bonus “structure of giant planets” review at the end.

KITP: CoRoT and Kepler

Status of CoRoT and Kepler missions is reviewed at the “Exoplanets Rising” workshop at the Kavli Institute, we’ll see if there are any news. CoRoT is up first. Magali Deleuil presenting. Kepler next with Bill Borucki.