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KITP: transit overview

Dave Charbonneau: why transits are cool Kicking off afternoon session is Josh Winn on transit uses and abuses. Then Gaspar Bakos on ground based transits.

KITP: Z and M

Debra Fischer talking about correlations between metallicity and mass of stars and planets

KITP: eta Earth

Marcy next, talking about the ηEarth survey with the Keck.

KITP: Exoplanets RIsing

Well, I’m back at the Kavli Institute attending the Exoplanets Rising workshop. We have a full schedule of talks over the week, and I’ll be intermittently blogging the events as we amble along. Bunch of interesting sounding talk on the schedule, and hopefully some interesting news and discoveries that we will hear about. We kick-off…

you know who you are!

You either get this or you do not.

Another topical colloquium here at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics… “Money, It’s a Gas”

Jesusita Fire

it turns out that hot tubs and light ashfall are a bad mix

satellite fire map

MODIS map of the Jesusita fire click of Jesusita tag on the right side

KITP: Jesusita Fire

The Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara has broken out and spread far west and south, situation is looking very serious, there will be a lot of loss tonight, evacuation orders extend to Goleta, refugees are moving to UCSB, and it may not be done yet. It could be worse than the Tea Fire.

KITP: ring of fire

it is thursday afternoon, temperature is almost 100F and the winds are picking up, right on schedule looking through the window on the other side from my office I can see the fire flaring up looks bad