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evolutionary dynamics of influenza! and how flu immunity is defined by you Hamming distance in protein bit space

KITP: Cancer Clone Wars

Clone Wars: how are stockbrokers like colorectal cancer cells?

KITP: Smoke Over Water

yesterday, as we were headed into an informal research group discussion, one of the locals grabbed me and pointed out the window at a small plume of smoke on the mountain above Santa Barbara

General introduction to optimal control theory and how to control matter at the quantum level

KITP: Complete Control

The Quantum Control of Light and Matter program is underway here at KITP and I’m sitting in on some of the talks. with Keto-Eno-Tautomerie-Blues! Auf Deutsch…

KITP: zen of kinetic art

The Kavli Institute has a new piece of kinetic art which has captured the attention of many of the locals…

Perfect Day

KITP: end and a beginning

on that last good friday nine astronomers gathered for the last time for the dreaded 11 am rapid fire discussion session in the Founder’s Room at the Kavli Institute

KITP: what I learned

So what did I learn…

the Kavli Institute program on Dynamics and Evolution of Globular Clusters is reaching the end, and we highlight the important issues… The west is the best The west is the best Get here, and we’ll do the rest