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State of Science: Selling Science

Matthew Bailes has another excellent entry in the “State of Science” series of public conversations on science: Selling Science: The Lure of the Dark Side

news flash

I live just around the corner from Joe Paterno. This morning there was a little horde of reporters and cameras across the street, hoping to get that little 15 second glimpse of the man, for the early evening news shot. Last night, several hundred students gathered outside to voice support for the Paternos, who were…

Input to NSF Portfolio Review

As you know, Bob, the NSF Portfolio Review is under way. The NSF is urgently requesting community input for the process.

NSF Portfolio Review

The NSF Astronomy division is commencing a Portfolio Review process…

NASA: Explorer Outcome

Ok, peeps, the NASA Explorer AO outcomes are out, and you know what they are: so, who lost, and more importantly, who won? PS: and the winners are…

On saturday Alþingi, the Icelandic Parliament, reconvenes. Protests are planned on the square outside, and there are suggestions that a new wave of protests may build up, similar to the “Household Revolution” back in the winter of 2008. But there will be some missing from the demos.

Wanted: “Director of Threat Assessment”

JWST – this is how you do it

curious rumour about JWST and the Senate: supposedly major testing of JWST integration is being moved to Johnson Space Center and Marshall is also pickingup some significant system integration action don’t know enough history to know if this is an actual change in plans, nor can I confirm it at this stage interesting bit of…

Ethan reports Senate Appropriations committee reinserted JWST funding in its bill, at some cost. Issue will now move to conference committee, where we’ll find out how serious the House republicans are about making an example of JWST

ExSSII: mo’ better planets

We’re back, we’re tanned, we’re rested, we’re ready: 4th day, session 7, in which Kepler annouces the discovery of the second circumbinary exoplanet…