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linkedy links I

time for all new linkedy links here at the new digs Quantum Frontiers – a new blog from the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, with kickoff by John Preskill hisself. Question of the day: explain quantum mechanics in five words My attempt: Probability Amplitudes, Observables don’t Commute Good to know John still does khakis…

NASA: the penny drops

The word came out last night that the GEMS Small Explorer Class Mission has been cancelled. GEMS is an x-ray polarimetry mission, using new detector technology, and the rumours (from the “Astronomers” group on fb) are that an Independent Cost Estimate showed the mission blowing its budget. The mission passed a design review earlier this…

ESA makes a big choice

The European Space Agency has made its selection for the next Large Mission to be flown by ESA, with a launch window in about 2022

Must Read

for astronomers: Discovery and Depth “…the current situation calls for bold leadership and tough decisions and not merely the proverbial rearrangement of the chairs in the dining hall of the Costa Concordia as it approached the Isola del Giglio.”14 Kulkarni (2011)


Something missing…

Ominous signs for NASA

There are several signs o’doom for NASA bubbling up out there

In theory…

Theorists think of observations and data a bit like businesses think of science and technology: it happens, apparently effortlessly, and is available for free as needed or on demand.

Future Missions

This year I noted an anomaly in one of my class assignments… In my class, that just finished, as part of some of the short writing assignments, I ask the students to look at past, current and future space science missions, NASA or ESA, and to describe one of each to me : 1-2 pages…

State of Science: Selling Science

Matthew Bailes has another excellent entry in the “State of Science” series of public conversations on science: Selling Science: The Lure of the Dark Side

news flash

I live just around the corner from Joe Paterno. This morning there was a little horde of reporters and cameras across the street, hoping to get that little 15 second glimpse of the man, for the early evening news shot. Last night, several hundred students gathered outside to voice support for the Paternos, who were…