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Vikings, Santa & Jól

Grímfrost in Sweden give their take on the Meaning of the Season – the Goat of Þór is serious business though…

Wind and Snow

Found on Ground

The Physics Tree


Interpretative Dance of Astrobiology

JWST muddling along

Congress is moving on 2012 appropriations, and the Science agency “minibus” bill has reported out of conference…

Imagine, hypothetically, that a junior co-worker comes to you, distraught, to tell you they witnessed a horrendously evil act by a senior colleague.

The following is brutal, do not watch if sensitive

NESCent is offering a travel award for the best blog post on current or emerging evolutionary research. Award is $750 for travel support to attend ScienceOnline2012 There will be 2 winners, chosen by 15th Dec 2011 Blog entries must mention NESCent contest, and are nominated or self-nominated by emailing travel.award@nescent.org like this – but for…

Our big questions, at least. And the winners are…

And we’re off again with session 4 and direct imaging of exoplanets I think we had about 100 total new exoplanets announced yesterday: 55 from CORALIE/HARPS, 23 from WASP, 12 from Kepler, 10 from PSU-Torun and assorted others.