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In the infrared of course… It is friday! Proposal season coming to a very temporary end. So…

astro tales

some interesting astro happening over the last few days

Julian Rapture

Remember the whole Rapture thing? I just realized, wotsisface obviously worked in the Gregorian calendar, and clearly that is all wrong!

bloomin’ proposal week…

and it looks like it might be about over: plume is about a tenth of its original size; earthquake activity has tapered off to low levels; no flash flood – between normal flood last year, and ice vapourized it doesn’t look like there is any lake left to flash out the drainage channels under the…

Happy Feast of Saint Thorlacius. Again.

Cosmology for Cats 4

Central principles of cosmology were discussed

Pet Food, Gluten and Food

The poisoned pet food story keeps getting bigger and more worrying. Pretty clear that some food grade (as opposed to feed grade) wheat gluten was in the contaminated batch and that the FDA is worried it got into the human food chain. FDA summary page

Navier-Stokes Solved?

Short news in Nature says there is a claim for one of the Millennial Clay Problems Possible exact solution to the Navier-Stokes equations by Penny Smith a Lehigh University. That would be a serious achievement if it holds up to review. Be interesting to code it up and see if it is stable as well…


lot of blog buzz about Iran, its rejection of the UN nuclear enrichment curtailment, attack on Romanian oil platform (?) and arabist doom’n’gloom about August 22nd being some symbolic date…