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Flurry of Physics

I’m at wee bit behind on this here blogging thingie, but there has been a flurry of physics results which are worth a quick peek:

There has been a lot of effort to try to figure out how to teach physics better, at the university level, in the US. Of course, we know perfectly well how to do that.

ESA starts LISA plans

So LISA is moving ahead with a possible all European mission to look for low frequency gravitational radiation

In the infrared of course… It is friday! Proposal season coming to a very temporary end. So…

astro tales

some interesting astro happening over the last few days

Julian Rapture

Remember the whole Rapture thing? I just realized, wotsisface obviously worked in the Gregorian calendar, and clearly that is all wrong!

bloomin’ proposal week…

and it looks like it might be about over: plume is about a tenth of its original size; earthquake activity has tapered off to low levels; no flash flood – between normal flood last year, and ice vapourized it doesn’t look like there is any lake left to flash out the drainage channels under the…

Happy Feast of Saint Thorlacius. Again.

Cosmology for Cats 4

Central principles of cosmology were discussed