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So, now you’re at university, and you’re thinking about heading for grad school … A seasonal revisit of some old rumblings* *NB: this discussion should not be construed to be anything but hypothetical ramblings, they do not reflect in any way the official position of any academic institution, department or graduate program, especially not the…

What are Origami Nanosat Telescopes? How about Kinetic Inductance Detectors? More importantly, what should we do with them? NASA’s Astrophysics is doing a Roadmap exercise, with the stated intent to look at science goals, technology and capabilities up to 30 years out! White papers were solicited a few weeks ago, and about 100 were received…

NASA has some official word on what is going on in astrophysics in general and with LISA in particular. LISA and IXO ended. Teams supported through Oct ’11, if budget is not cut more. New concept studies.

Indirect Darkness

So I’ve been hanging out at the Indirect and Direct Detection of Dark Matter conference this week, and been struck by several things.