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Official word on the IXO x-ray mission now, with rumours from Europe on what the European Space Agency has in mind. LISA must be rebranded, quick!

NASA has some official word on what is going on in astrophysics in general and with LISA in particular. LISA and IXO ended. Teams supported through Oct ’11, if budget is not cut more. New concept studies.

NASA cuts

So, got confirmation of initial round of cuts. NASA HQ is preparing for budget problems by starting to pull back funds already allocated, in anticipation of fiscal year 2010-11 cuts. Between possible government shutdown, and the uncertainty over the Senate response to the House cuts, and a possible veto, it is hard to know what…

Cutting Academia Badly

A lot of people have asked me to link to and comment on the SUNY Albany cuts and some of the reactions to it by some online academics…

framing economics

Krugman is is on fire today, as he has been for a while, this time talking about the tax cuts. But, even he makes an essential error that all the democrats seem to be making. It is not about Bush’s tax cuts, or keeping Bush’s tax cuts or Obama raising taxes. Bush, for whatever reasons,…