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Planck Result Perspective

Simon White Director of Max Planck Institut für Astrophysik giving today’s Physics Colloquium at ACP on the Planck Results Likely to be interesting, hence the semi-liveblog. Starts with description of the collaboration and historical perspective; Penzias and Wilson, COBE and WMAP Cute ESA video showing Planck science Even better ESA video explaining stuff Very good…

LHC: dark matters

Continuing slow live blog of the “New Particle Physics at the LHC and Its Connection to Dark Matter” workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics. Series of short talks this morning: “A WIMPy Baryogenesis Miracle” by Yanou Cui, Lisa Randall, Brian Shuve (arXiv:1112.2704) interesting and possibly useful speculation on how electroweak scale WIMPs could couple…

Indirect Darkness

So I’ve been hanging out at the Indirect and Direct Detection of Dark Matter conference this week, and been struck by several things.