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Hubble Plateaus

In times past we have lovingly tracked the proposal frenzy as the near annual Hubble Space Telescope proposal deadline approaches. As was noted by Julianne several years ago, and confirmed over the last half dozen cycles, the shape of the curve of number of submitted proposals as a function of time until the deadline is…

This spring, the Hubble outreach office started a Hubble Treasure Hunt The challenge was to browse through the Hubble raw data archives, and look for undiscovered images, ones that had not been published and were interesting or beautiful. There are a lot of Hubble images. The finalists for the contest have now been announced, in…

NASA: geeks bearing gifts

In which NASA gets presented with two Hubble class wide field space telescopes… Oh my. So some of the mysterious maneuverings at NASA’s Astrophysics division can now be better understood. The National Reconnaissance Office was sitting on a couple of spare space telescopes they are willing to transfer to NASA. These are presumably late block…

The Cycle 19 demand curve

Every year we contemplate the Hubble Call for Proposals demand curve.

iPod iChing: inconstant Hubble

As the Hubble deadline slips away, later than ever, we ask the Mighty iPod One the question whose answer we all must know:

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Hubble Vision

Set the focus on infinity! A new one from the photomixers…