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This is awesome! I am reliably informed that this was one of the all time great concerts. Skálmöld and the Icelandic Symphony in concert at Harpa.

113 Waahmobile

113 Vælubíllinn The all time classic modern Icelandic punk anthem, for kids. Instant punk dance lesson just to complete the experience. Try it. It works.

The RNA committee of the Icelandic Alþingi has, finally, issued its Black Report, into the collapse of the Icelandic economy and the events leading up to it. The entire report, all 2000 pages or so, are being read aloud by a series of actors at the City Theater. Initial reactions range from the weasel “mistakes…

The volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajökull continues, but, for now at least, is a “tourist eruption”, as nice as they get, with a huge flood of tourists to the mountain on clear days and a boom industry in getting sightseers out to the mountain.

Agent Fresco

Newish super trendy band out of Iceland. Jazzy math music with touch of heavy rock. Or so I was told.