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In 2011 Daniel Holz gave a Heinz R. Pagels Public Lecture at the Aspen Center for Physics on the topic of Gravitational Waves. The talk is one of the better explanations of what this is all about, with a bonus introduction!

LIGO: Useful Things

LIGO and allies have also provided a bunch of fun useful stuff: Have We Detected Gravitational Waves Yet? Stretch and Squash Black Hole Hunter Einstein@Home Gravitational Waves 101 – Markus Pössel’s excellent visualizations. The Data The Papers SXS – Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes visualizations The Chirp – courtesy of Georgia Tech GR group

LIGO explains

February 11th was a good day. I spent the day at the “Dynamics and accretion at the Galactic Center” Conference at the Aspen Center for Physics, where about 75 physicists have spent the week talking about black holes and stuff. This morning we watched the LIGO press conference, frantically deciphered the papers, and had a…