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NASA: the penny drops

The word came out last night that the GEMS Small Explorer Class Mission has been cancelled. GEMS is an x-ray polarimetry mission, using new detector technology, and the rumours (from the “Astronomers” group on fb) are that an Independent Cost Estimate showed the mission blowing its budget. The mission passed a design review earlier this…

NASA cuts

So, got confirmation of initial round of cuts. NASA HQ is preparing for budget problems by starting to pull back funds already allocated, in anticipation of fiscal year 2010-11 cuts. Between possible government shutdown, and the uncertainty over the Senate response to the House cuts, and a possible veto, it is hard to know what…

NASA: Senior Review 2010

The verdict is out, the 2010 Senior Review Committee recommendation on the NASA Astrophysics old active missions; who will keep going, and who is recommended to get the chop. It is an interesting list, with some interesting recommendations.