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A great opportunity to face off against the welfare-society, everybody’s-special, politically-correct Gramscian-derived drivel that encourages us to forget our roots, most especially in a Darwinian sense, and follow our fellow lemmings (false story, but the myth lives on) over the cliff.

It’s all about struggles for scarce resources, whether economic, social, cultural or whatever. The bottom line, though, is all about what Rowbotham calls ‘The importance of being noticed.’ Each of us, he or she or in between, seeks the approval of our peers, however defined. For those of us at the fringes of society, we find alternative honor codes. Islamist fascists come to mind. Even so, all of us fall somewhere on the scale/continuum, each longing to feel important.

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  1. #1 Carl Lumma
    October 3, 2006

    The first paragraph is a single clause that reads like braille on sandpaper. The rest is actually short enough that I can stand, despite the quality, to read it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t answer the essay question or explain any “Darwinian sense”.

  2. #2 Jason Thomas
    October 5, 2006

    Was this autogenerated by a random script? “Ignore-the-subject-matter-and-rant-about-random-crap-o’-bot-5000” would be a good name for it, in that likely case.

  3. #3 Dave Munger
    October 6, 2006

    I hope the “6” rating by one of the readers was a joke…

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