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Success is what the memory carries that makes you smile warmly in your old age. That’s because everyone justifies their failures and nobody intentionally makes mistakes. So we carry with us the memory of pleasant relationship encounters.

My brother married a Chicano women and one day we were talking about our improverished youth. My brother’s wife recall a true and poignant story which remains with me years later. They were so poor as tenant farmers living in a one room shack with nine children that the father, who played the violin, would leave the house at night and lay down on his back between the rows af cabbage and play his violin to the stars.

One summer the family went on a picnic and a younger sister became ill. So ill, in fact, they took her to the hospital. Her fever rose at an alarming rate and the family feared for her life. The brothers and sisters filed past the sick child to show their concerns. The tiny girl was aware of her diemna and, in case the worse ocurred she wanted her siblings to have something to remember her by. But the family was so poor she had nothing to give her siblings. Desperate she pretended to take something out of her hand and place it in the hand of her brother or sister as they passed by her bed. They would hold out their hand and the little sister would tenderly place an imaginary remembrance gift in the waiting outstretched hand. Sad story but true.

All the brothers and sisters of the little girl still recall the day of their small sister’s passing.

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  1. #1 Ronnie
    October 3, 2006

    This may of rated only a 1,but it made me cry. Love counts

  2. #2 Andy
    October 6, 2006

    This is crap, why don’t you try and explain your topic instead of giving an unsupported opinion with no interpretation. You would have failed my AP english class, and I’m a junior in high school.

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