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What really does it mean to succeed in life? Does it mean that you are the next Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie (i.e. Daddy gives you whatever you want and you are famous because your family is)? No this isn’t really making sense the general public. This idea that only the rich and famous succeed. Booker T. Washington had it correct when he said that, ‘I have learned that success is to be measuree not so much by t he position that one has reached in life as by the obstables in which he has overcome while trying to succeed,’ because would you really feel as if you have accomplished something in your meager existence if it was just given to you, handed to you on a silver platter as it were. If one does not have struggle in his/her life what are they left with? Nothing really. They are sitting around a fire that was made for them by there manservent, god forbid they make their own fire, twiddling their thumbs. Take Chris Columbus for example. If he was just shown where America was on a map and then he sailed here without struggle or mishap how interesting a story for the history books would that really have turned out to be? Yea I don’t think we would even know who the guy is and what happened in 1492. Maybe thats just me but if things are easy for a person they tend to wine and cry once they actually have to put forth any amount of effort whatsoever. Its like the saying, ‘If we were all the same life would be pretty boring.’ Well, If there was no such thing as struggle and hard times in our lives then they would be pretty boring.

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