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When one struggles to achieve, her success is that much sweeter. When gambling, the biggest payoffs are the ones for which you.?Tve risked the most. By risking more to reach a certain goal, you are guaranteed a rich reward. The reward may only be the knowledge you can achieve that goal, but it engenders a deeper and stronger sense of yourself.

The battles easily won are soon forgotten. The ones that stay with you are the ones you have fought and agonized over. You.?Tve put more effort, time and energy into creating that success. The battle for Civil Rights will not be forgotten as it was fought over many years, in a public manner, and included the cost of lives. The sacrifice has given a deeper meaning to the achievement.

Joseph Campbell states that as part of the hero.?Ts journey, he will face loss. This is best exemplified by the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. At the end of the story, it does not stop with the destruction of the ring. Rather, there is an examination of how each of the characters.?T lives has changed, for the better or worse. Frodo sacrificed a piece of himself in order to destroy the ring. A physical piece and a psychological piece. If the sacrifice was made in vain, it would not have been worth it. But the suffering and loss are made better by the achievement of the goal.

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