It is here: I wonder if we get one trailer a month for a year? And then, this:

Thanksgiving origin

You know Thanksgiving has a story, linking it to the Pilgrims. I talk about the bigger cultural phenomenon here. But have you actually read the original story? There is a later version with more detail but this is the only nearly contemporary account: You shall understand, that in this little time, that a few of…

Eat This Podcast: Talking Turkey

An interview with an expert on Turkey (me, apparently) about turkeys. What do I mean by “turkey”? The bird, the country, the personality trait? Well, that is the point, isn’t it! Click here to get the skinny on turkey.

Pardoning the turkey? Let’s thank farm workers instead

Wouldn’t it be something if the President’s annual pardoning of a turkey be replaced with an annual Thanksgiving recognition of workers along the food chain?

Foods Fido should avoid on Thanksgiving

I came across this interesting literature on what foods you should avoid feeding a dog from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control:

The literary thriller “Sins of Our Fathers” by Shawn Otto was release just a few days ago. I interviewed Shawn on Atheist Talk Radio last Sunday morning while you were at church. It is a great book and a pretty good interview. The book is about Anglo-Native relationships, gambling, banking, race relations, law, the American…

Watch as documentary filmmaker Vanessa Black visits the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about Big Oil.

I’ve decided to do a new round of profiles in the Project for Non-Academic Science (acronym deliberately chosen to coincide with a journal), as a way of getting a little more information out there to students studying in STEM fields who will likely end up with jobs off the “standard” academic science track. Fifth in…

Yes, I have to post the “stay off the ice” post early this year. There have been several instances over recent weeks of folks wandering onto the ice and needing to be rescued (the most recent, here). This is not yet ice season. That hardish water you see on the surface is like that one…