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Friday Fractal XII

i-eccdd49f87510177c3528939f6a110be-rfwhole.jpgI thought I’d do today’s fractal a little backwards. I usually begin with a fractal, then show a matching picture from nature, and explain a bit of the science behind the nature. This time, I’m going to start off with a nature photo, and follow with the fractals. Everyone should be familiar with the science behind rainbows, so I’ll let the simple beauty of the image speak for itself:


And a similar fractal:


The Mandlebrot set might not be quite as simple, although the formula used to create it sounds simple enough: Z = Z2 + C

But the art found within the set can be deeply complex and beautiful. The following images were all found inside the same set as seen above. Based on the same, ordinary formula, only the rules for coloring the fractal have been changed. (For that, I used a coloring formula titled “doodads”–this basically added extra basins of attraction on the outside, giving some curve to otherwise straight angles.) Mainly, I just wanted to do something abstract for once. I made each of the images below (and the set above) into a wallpaper-sized image (1024 x 728, which should work on most desktops.) Just click to enlarge in a new window.



Photo by Alan F. All fractals made by the author using ChaosPro


  1. #1 Chunsheng
    September 8, 2008

    the rainbow is really the most beautiful thing I have seen….

  2. #2 oto kiralama
    July 6, 2011

    But doesn’t this carry the same inherent flaw as globalization…one site gets compromised and due to their interconnectivity they ALL get compromised…

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