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“Friday” Fractal XXVIII

i-5fa164d56e9d389fb1b157d774499a8c-6thcandle.jpgI’m a bit late on the Friday Fractal this week, mostly because I’ve been busy with my son’s 6th birthday party. Since Roland adores these fractals almost as much as I do, I told him he could make this week’s fractal. (That’s another reason we’re late… he has school on Fridays, and had the party yesterday.) He understands the basic premise behind a fractal–a pattern repeats, but with differences–enough to occasionally point them out to me in nature and art. When he sits down in front of the computer, however, he just wants to pick wild colors and weird shapes. I can’t say as I blame him–it’s fun. He started with a base formula, an Epilinski set (a curving variation of the Sierpinski triangle) which was preloaded into our program, and then twisted variables and colors to his heart’s content. Eventually, he announced he was done. He zoomed in and out to show me his work (zooming being the most entertaining part of fractal creation) so we decided to include a few frames, increasing in detail. First, the “whole” fractal:


Zooming in for a closer look:


…and closer…


…till we reach a place Roland calls “Mountain Cliffs”, where rock-climbers are challenged by great fractal heights:


Thanks, Roland, for this week’s fractal, and have a happy birthday!

Fractals made using ChaosPro


  1. #1 jim
    December 18, 2006

    Isn’t your blog mostly about art, not science?

  2. #2 Ian Anderson
    December 23, 2006

    It’s been a while since I used ChaosPro but I recognised those colours immediately! Roland must be the youngest fractalist I’ve ever come across… 😀

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