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Yeah, me too.

I’m also leaving ScienceBlogs, but it’s not for the reasons some others have given. I don’t think Pepsi’s blog will hurt my real life reputation and besides, it’s been pulled, there have been apologies – it’s time to forgive. July was the first month I’ve gotten enough hits to get a paycheck – and that’s…

The comments made last night weren’t showing up – I think I’ve fixed that now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Got a question?

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Someone around here is bound to have an answer! Ask a scibling is back, see this post: Feel free to ask any library or information questions, too.

Random admin stuff

I haven’t been a great team player recently, so this post catches up on some things going on in the world recently. These are in no particular order. The USA Science and Engineering Festival is coming up in the Fall. ScienceBlogs is the official blogging partner and there’s a blog here to talk about the…

Thank you!

This blog is a Research Blogging Awards 2010 Finalist Thank you for whoever nominated me and thanks for your votes! I’ll try to bring more research blogging posts to you in the coming year 🙂

12-month meme for 2009

Getting this from Drugmonkey – the first line from the first post of each month this year. Looks like I should pay attention to having snappy first lines! The first half of the year is all about preparing for my comprehensive exams and the second half of the year is all about recovering from taking…

Whoa, sorry for the time off!

Update2 (10/2/2009): and I’m back, and typing in the right box this time. yay! posts to come this weekend.

Are you done yet?

Ack. NO. …Ok, well when you gonna finish? ARRRGHGH PhD students unite! Rebel against these questions! My answer – I don’t know, and it will probably be a while. Like ask me in 3-4 years. Here are some ways my program differs from others you might know more about: very linear – we do coursework,…

Testing, testing…

Is this thing on? We’re back from the upgrade.

Welcome Dorothea!

W00t! The newest libr* Scibling is none other than Dorothea Salo at The Book of Trogool.