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Lomborg v Lomborg

Much is being and will be written about Bjorn Lomborg’s volte face on climate change. After a decade of denial — not of the reality of anthropogenic warming, but of the threat it poses to civiliation — the Skeptical Environmentalist now says: “If we care about the environment and about leaving this planet and its…

The strange case of Andy Revkin

Former New York Times environment reporter Andrew C. Revkin was, once upon time, considered the leading light in that small community of professional journalists who have the luxury of devoting most of their working hours to climate change. Not so much anymore.

I’ll be reviewing Heidi Cullen’s new book Weather of the Future shortly. She’s already on the talk show circuit. Here’s her appearance on Colbert: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

Explaining global cooling

The invaluable pseudonymous Tamino has a brilliant explanation of the causes of the “global cooling” trend in the mid-20th century. There’s nothing new, except the clarity of the writing. So if you’ve ever been stumped by a skeptic who suggests that anthropogenic climate change theorists can’t explain why the planet cooled for the three decades…

Worst graph ever

A couple of scientists at the University of Montana say they have detected a small but non-negligible decline in global terretrial “net primary production.” NPP is basically a way of measuring plant growth — how much carbon they’re removing from their surroundings and turning into biomass. To my mind, there are two noteworthy aspects to…