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3 weeks 159 posts: that is 53 per week – a suit of cards with a Jocker – or roughly 7.5 posts per day! You have to click on Archives – June 2006 to see them all! 268 comments 17 trackbacks $582.52 raised for DonorsChoose (9 of the 15 projects fully funded) Technorati Rank: 15,376…

Kevin went to another place and kept catching a snake he cannot identify. Read more under the fold….

The Political Brain

This post was initially published on September 16, 2004. It takes a critical look at some UCLA studies on brain responses of partisan voters exposed to images of Bush and Kerry:

Some flatworms, for instance these pretty Pseudobiceros hancockanus, engage in penis fencing. Both individuals are hermaphrodites, i.e., have both male and female organs. The penis is white, pointed and two-headed. Both individuals are trying to inseminate the other. The one who is inseminated has to bear and lay eggs – a more expensive proposition. The…


Circus of the Spineless #10 is up on Science And Sensibility. Friday Ark #93 is up on Modulator.


After reading this review, I really want to go and see the new movie.

There is only one day left in our DonorsChoose action. To see the strategy that will yield the greatest benefit to the teachers and their students, go to Janet’s blog.

All Politics Is Local

This week, it took me quite a while to figure out how to answer the Ask a ScienceBlogger question: “What are some unsung successes that have occurred as a result of using science to guide policy?” As a relative newcomer to the United States, and even more a newcomer to American politics, I was not…

Clocks, cell cycle and cancer

This is in the bread-mold Neurospora crassa. It is unlikely to be universal. I expect to see the connection in some protists and fungi, perhaps in some animals. I am not so sure about plants, and I am pretty sure it is not like this in Cyanobacteria in which the cycle of cell division is…

The ecology of the Church

I hope you have heard the Diane Rehm Show on NPR this morning at 10EDT (the first hour of the show). The guest was the presiding Episcopal Bishop-Elect Katharine Jefferts Schori, the first woman to lead the Episcopal Church. She is an amazing woman. You should listen to the show here (Real Audio) or here…