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Updates, updates

A bunch of updates are in store. First the DonorsChoose update. Let’s look at the whole SEED scienceblogs action first (thanks Janet for all the information):

Total raised so far: 13,535.14
Total donors so far: 170

Excluding Pharyngula (because Pharyngula is done), the top 5 in terms of …

Stranger Fruit ($132.64)
A Blog Around the Clock ($116.50)
Good Math, Bad Math ($110.34)
Terra Sigillata ($86.35)
The Scientific Activist ($86.25)

Donors per 1000 hits:

Terra Sigillata (4.96)
Evolgen (2.35)
Stranger Fruit (2.02)
Afarensis (1.89)
The Questionable Authority (1.74)

$ raised per hit:

Terra Sigillata ($0.43)
Stranger Fruit ($0.27)
Afarensis ($0.13)
Uncertain Principles ($0.10)
Evolgen ($0.082)

Closest to reaching goals:

Stranger Fruit (47.4%)
The World’s Fair (30.4%)
The Questionable Authority (24.4%)
Terra Sigillata (17.3%)
Cognitive Daily (16.6%)

If you are not from the USA, you are not supposed to donate, due to the Patriot Act!!!!! Yes, it is considered a terrorist activity to help American science teachers get supplies for their classes in the low-income neighborhood schools. Of course, you can get around it – just pick a state. They say that donors from India pick Indiana. I wonder if Brits from the Shires pick New Hampshire, while those from Northern England pick New York?

Also, you should be aware that there is friendly competition going on between blogs on the Biology channel, the Brain & Behavior channel, the Medicine channel and the Physical Science channel. So, to help the Biology channel and to help me move up in the stats, and most importantly to help science teachers around the country, click here:

Other updates…my car is in the shop. I should get it back tomorrow and will let you know what it was. Today, I had to do a LOT of walking. I should have thought about fixing my bike earlier….

Because of not having a car available I had to fax in my grades yesterday. So, my class is officially over. Next month, I am teaching only the lab and in September I think I’ll be teaching lab and lecture again. Now that all of my lecture notes are online, it will be twice as easy to prepare for each lecture in the future.

And, more posts are in the works. Give me some time – some of them require quite a lot of literature research.