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Science Teachers in action

The fifth part of Kevin’s snake research in rural China is coming up on this blog today at noon. How do you think Kevin became such a scientist at such a young age? And how can we get more Kevins? Answer: science teachers in our schools. That is why we need to help teachers make science alive and exciting for their little charges. Just lookk at what is needed:

How about Dino-Mite!, in which a SC teacher needs just $221 dinosaur books for the school library.

Or Scientists in the Making, for a teacher in a Gifter & Talented Magnet school in rural North Carolina in which 48% of the students are from low income families. They need just $308 to subscribe to Scholastic’s Super Science magazine.

Or Bacteria All Around Us!, in which an 8th grade teacher needs an agar plate kit for growing bacteria. Only $180 are still needed for this project to be fully funded.

Or a 1st grade teacher in a San Jose, CA, school with 74% low-income students? Science Experiements, Reading and Writing, all in One needs just $714 to buy the needed books.

Or look at other projects on my list, or lists of other SB bloggers. Ten dollars is enough, if many of us contribute.