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EduBlogging of the week

Carnival of Education #73 is up on The Lilting House. Carnival of Homeschooling #26 is up on The Homeschool Cafe.

This is one a couple of posts about Creationism, written originally on May 1st, 2005.

Science News in Brief

* Best way to build children’s brains: play with them Love beats trendy toys, classes or music as brain food for preschoolers, a report says. * Radioactive scorpion venom deemed safe cancer treatment: Scientists are exploring an unusual new treatment for an aggressive brain cancer. * Human-dolphin partnership inspires gov’t protection: The government of Myanmar…

Human rights for Apes?

Spanish Parliament Supports Rights for Apes Spanish MPs push for apes’ rights What do you think?

Updates, updates

A bunch of updates are in store. First the DonorsChoose update. Let’s look at the whole SEED scienceblogs action first (thanks Janet for all the information): Total raised so far: 13,535.14 Total donors so far: 170 Excluding Pharyngula (because Pharyngula is done), the top 5 in terms of … Amt/donor: Stranger Fruit ($132.64) A Blog…

Check out the Brief Look at the Life of Nikola Tesla on Strange Culture. The Genius Of Persistence What is Tesla Press? If you are in Burlington, VT on July 9th, you can go to the mad Tesla birthday party. It’s at this guy’s place. Carnegie Mellon University unveils bust of great inventor Tesla. And…

Happy blogiversary

IAMB of Pooflingers Anonymous is celebrating his first blogiversary today. So, go there and say Hello and check out the Achives if you have not done so before.

Daily Rhythms in Cnidaria

The origin and early evolution of circadian clocks are far from clear. It is now widely believed that the clocks in cyanobacteria and the clocks in Eukarya evolved independently from each other. It is also possible that some Archaea possess clock – at least they have clock genes, thought to have arived there by lateral…

At The Science Fair

Thsi post (and you can always click on the icon to check out the original) was written on April 29, 2005. Those are my observation about the in-class science fair in my daughter’s classroom.

Sexsomnia Revisited

The article I linked to in my previous post on the topic of having sex while asleep (or is it ‘being sleep while having sex’?), e.g., the one I got pointed to by someone (e-mail?), is actually, quite terrible. So, instead, if you are interested in the topic, you should check out a much more…