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Would you….

….do Google?

Intelligently Designed US History

First they came after evolution. They say they wanted to “teach the controversy”. Now, they are after history, and no controversy-teaching is allowed: One way to measure the fears of people in power is by the intensity of their quest for certainty and control over knowledge. By that standard, the members of the Florida Legislature…

Plan B

Connect The Dots. Will they ever do anything if not for political reasons? Health? They don’t care… Approval of a Bush appointee? Sure, let’s sign what needs to be signed….

T-rex at night!

I saw a trailer for Night at the Museum the other day and I can’t wait to see the movie (opens December 22). Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt – Priceless!

Food-Entrainable Circadian Clock

It has been known for decades that scheduled meals can entrain the circadian clock. In some species (e.g., in some birds), regular timing of feeding entrains the main circadian system of the body in the suprachiasmatic (SCN) area of the hypothalamus, the retina and the pineal. In other species (e.g., rodents), it appears that the…

Just flip a switch…

It takes two to vote….one to pull the lever, er., touch the screen, and the other to flip the switch.

Neuroblogging of the week

Encephalon #3 is up on Thinking Meat Blog.

Book Meme

Carl tagged me with a Book Meme and, since he is one of my most frequent commenters, I cannot say No. Although I have done four book memes before. This one is different and much harder as it asks for just one book in each answer, so I tried to do that, although each question…

Blog Sustainably

Carnival of the Green #38 is up on Treehugger (and I am so used by now to be called Boris, which is a Russian name…)

Invertebrates Galore!

Circus of the Spineless XI is up on Words & Pictures – lots of ambushes and explosions! And you still have a few hours to send your entries to Roundrock Journal for tomorrow’s Festival of the Trees.