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Clock Tutorial #4: On Methodology

I wrote this post back on January 23, 2005. It explains how clock biologists think and how they design their experiments:

Scientist Rock Star, Part II

Talking about the need to have popular scientists out there, I think the term “rock-star” was an unfortunate choice. Some people in joking, some people in all seriousness, started looking for people with PhD’s who can play musical instruments. That is, of course, irrelevant. We are not looking for scientists who are also rockstars, but…

Chad points to an article about the way book publishers are still clinging to the old ways of doing business and are, thus, suspicious of the whol Long Tail idea. My copy of the book arrived a few weeks ago and is waiting (in a long line) to be read in the future, but I…

What happens in bed, stays in bed

Men’s sleep apnea found alongside erectile problems: Men who are sound sleepers have better sex lives. A study published in a recent edition of Urology says men who suffer from sleep apnea syndrome also suffer a high rate of erectile dysfunction. ———————–snip——————— One theory, Dr. Atwood said, suggests that sleep apnea disrupts rapid-eye-movement or REM…

Medical imaging

Radiology Grand Rounds #2 are up on Sumer’s Radiology Site.

Tar Heel Tavern

Want this badge? If you are hot and thirsty, come by the Tar Heel Tavern for a drink or two. This is the 75th meeting and Erin is paying the first round…

Thank You to my commenters

In 50 days of its existence, this blog has received 636 comments. The SEED sciencebloggers already promote each other a lot, so I want to give a shout-out to my most regular commenters who are NOT themselves SB bloggers or SEED staff (or myself – after all I posted the most comments while responding to…

You Are a Blogging Expert You got 8/8 correct! You know so much about blogging, you should blog for a living. How Much Do You Know About Blogging?

I Like This Guy

Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for Pastor: Sermons like Mr. Boyd’s are hardly typical in today’s evangelical churches. But the upheaval at Woodland Hills is an example of the internal debates now going on in some evangelical colleges, magazines and churches. A common concern is that the Christian message is being compromised by the tendency…

Ready for College!

You Passed 8th Grade Science Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Science? Watch out! One question has a correct answer and a MORE correct answer, and in another question they meant “neutron”, not “neuron”. (Hat-tip: John Lynch)