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Teaching Biology Lab – Week 3

While I am teaching the biology lab, I set this post to show up automatically at the same time. It describes what we do today, the same stuff we did back on March 26, 2006:

SiBlings, Part IV

Here is the forth and final part of the introduction to SEED sciencebloggers. Check out the first part, the second part and the third part if you have missed them before. There ain’t no eleven left, so today we have only ten (but I hear there will be a couple more soon….):


Friday Ark #97 is up on The Modulator.

Harry Potter and The Blind Horses

The media is all excited about the news that Daniel Radcliffe will star as Alan Strang in Peter Schaffer’s “Equus” in New York next spring. Of course, they all focus on the fact that there is a naked sex scene at the end, ignoring the fact that this is a difficult role in an excellent…

As always, animal porn is under the fold:

War Of The Worlds

This post from September 09, 2004, was my first education about Rapturists:

SiBlings, Part III

Here is the third part of the introduction to SEED sciencebloggers, the next eleven (check out the first part and the second part if you have missed them before) of my SiBlings:

Obligatory Readings of the Day

Orcinus: Conserving orcas, and humans too Shakespeare’s Sister: Off-Limits Humor Echidne Of The Snakes: Divorce — Preparing For Travels in Wingnuttia

Scientist Rock Star!

In an interview in Time magazine, Morgan Spurlock said, among else (and you should go and read the “else”): We’ve started to make science and empirical evidence not nearly as important as punditry–people wusing p.r.-speak to push a corporate or political agenda. I think we need to turn scientists back into the rock stars they…

The latest AskTheScienceBlogger question is: “I heard that within 15 years, global warming will have made Napa County too hot to grow good wine grapes. Is that true? What other changes are we going to see during our lifetimes because of global warming?…” Answer under the fold….