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Postmodern Conservatism

This post I first wrote on February 28, 2005, then re-posted here on December 10, 2005. About conservative relativism and the assault on academia:

SiBlings, Part II

Here is the second part of the introduction to SEED sciencebloggers, the next eleven (check out the first part if you have missed it yesterday). I hope you like them and appreciate the breadth and depth of writing here (so, yes, if you have a blog, and you are registered with Technorati – which if…

Nurses and Teachers

Change Of Shift #3 is up on Emergiblog. Carnival of Education #77 is up on Text Savvy.

If you are interested in mammoths, or if mammoths make the news, the first place to go is Archy: WOOLLY MAMMOTH LINKED TO SCIENCE FRAUD!!!

Science News in Brief

Global Warming Threatens Biodiversity In Australia’s Wet Tropics: “There is a common, though incorrect, perception that the impacts of climate change will be worse in temperate regions than in the tropics,” said Williams, principal investigator of the Earthwatch-supported Climate Change in the Rainforest project. “Global warming can have a particularly strong impact on mountainous regions…

This is a long post from January 23, 2005, trying to tie in Creationism and conservatism through psychology:


Since my move here to SEED scienceblogs, I made a mistake of assuming, quite wrongly, that most of my visitors are aslo science bloggers (or people interested in science) who, almost by definition, regularly read all of the other SEED sciencebloggers as well. I forgot that some of the readers are not new readers, but…

You and I, as well as all of our mammalian brethren, have just a few photopigments, i.e., colored molecules that change shape when exposed to light and subsequently trigger cascades of biochemical reactions leading to changes in electrical properties of sensory neurons, which lead to modulation of neurotransmitter release, which propagates the information from one…

School House Rock in the Grand Garden

Grand Rounds Volume 2, Number 44: The Garden is up on Medical Humanities. School House Rock edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is up on The Lilting House.

Science News in Brief

Elephants Avoid Costly Mountaineering: “Using global-positioning system data corresponding to the movements of elephants across the African savannah, researchers have found that elephants exhibit strong tendencies to avoid significantly sloped terrain, and that such land features likely represent a key influence on elephant movements and land use. On the basis of calculations of energy use…