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The real Heathrow story….

Shakes has the quickest, clearest summary (with good additional links) about what happened at Heathrow last week, how media lied to you yet again, and who picked the timing and why. I hear that my cousin was at Heathrow at the time and ended up flying four hours too late, but I have not heard from him directly to get any jiucy tidbits.


  1. #1 Lab Cat
    August 14, 2006

    I flew back to the US from England on Friday – nothing exciting to report – just 6 hours of hurrying up and waiting. Most people seemed good humored about it. There was a bit of a scrum at one point, but Heathrow Terminal 4 is always a bit of a scrum.

    I’m not sure if I care, this time, about the politics behind it. I would rather know that my plane was safe. Mind you, if it was announced a week earlier than Scotland Yard were expecting, it might explain why the airlines and airports were caught totally on the hop. Perhaps with more time they could have been warned to tightened security without being totally told why.

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