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Now that the school has started, we (meaning ‘ScienceBloggers’) are getting feedback messages from science teachers who were able to buy supplies for their classes because you, our readers, pitched in back in June and donated mountains of money through the DonorsChoose program.

I want to thank you all again for doing such a good deed. And, as far as I can see, none of us has removed the DonorsChoose button from our sidebars, so you can always add some more to the science teaching projects of your choice.

P.S. The first note I got very early and do not have it any more in my mailbox The last note I got is this:

Dear Coturnix,

Thank you very much for the DNA and genetic kits. Working in Los Angeles has brought some difficulty. There are not many tools that we can use in the middle school that keep projects hands-on and keep the students engaged and stay within the standards of the subject matter. My administrator could not justify this purchase. I think he had no idea what really came out of doing these labs. Again I want to thank you. I will enjoy teaching this subject area with these new materials.

Sincerely, Donna Taylor
Curtiss Middle School