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Pretty bird

I have never seen these birds around here before, yet, over the last few days I saw tons of them all over the place. Where did they come from? Why do they seem to still be paired this late in the summer? At first, I saw them flying, mostly from the car, and their flight…

Bird Haiku

I And The Bird #31 is up on Migrateblog. Enjoy the poetry leading you to the best bird-writing on the Internet.

Happy birthday, Mother of Frankenstein

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was born on August 30th, 1797. She is very old now, but a team of mad scientists is working on resurrecting her with jolts of electricity.

It’s very much a sunrise!

Joe Lieberman’s communications director, Dan Gerstein, claims the sun rises in the West. Seriously. And will not back down. What more proof you need to know that Lieberman is a Republican, waging his own “independent” war on science in hope of appeasing Inhofe & Co. all in the spirit of moderaiton and bipartisanship?

Now that the school has started, we (meaning ‘ScienceBloggers’) are getting feedback messages from science teachers who were able to buy supplies for their classes because you, our readers, pitched in back in June and donated mountains of money through the DonorsChoose program. I want to thank you all again for doing such a good…

The Clock Metaphor

Chad wrote a neat history of (or should we say ‘evolution of’) clocks, as in “timekeeping instruments”. He points out the biological clocks are “…sort of messy application, from the standpoint of physics…” and he is right – for us biologists, messier the better. We wallow in mess, cherish ambiguity and relish in complexity. Anyway,…

Animal Husbandry in Limbaugh-world

Rush thinks one needs to slaughter a cow in order to get butter. And he blames liberals and the UN for being a fat idiot.

Liberals at Home

Carnival of the Liberals #20 is up on The Greenbelt – the next one will be in two weeks on Archy. The latest Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Category Five – the next one will be next week on Why Homeschool.

Parasite of my parasite is not my friend

Re-post from May 17, 2006, under the fold…

I like my son’s new science textbook

The school has started and I have not yet met my son’s teachers, but he brought home his science textbook yesterday. Of course I had to take a look….and I really liked it! It is North Carolina Edition of McDougal Littell “Science” for 8th grade. While I am still stunned that all of science is…